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Yanjiang Ancient Town

Yanjiang Ancient Town locates 15 kilometers west of Long’an County, Nanning City. It was built during the Qing Dynasty with a history of more than 200 years. It covers an area of 121 square kilometers. The ancient town was built on the banks of the Youjiang River. Due to the busy shipping transportation in the ancient time, the town was extremely prosperous which was known as "Little Hong Kong" and "Little Shanghai".
Main attractions at Yanjiang Ancient Town
There are three ancient streets in Yanjiang Ancient Town, all of which are paved with bluestone slabs. On both sides of the streets are the neat three-floor buildings. All the houses are connected with each other and form long arcades in front. The walls are carved with flower and dragon patterns, which show the prosperous scene in the ancient times. With the completion of Long'an Jinjitan Hydropower Station, Yanjiang Town has become a main reservoir area of the station. The streets are also surrounded by water, looking like the beautiful Venice.
Among all the ancient houses in Yanjiang Ancient Town, the most interesting one is Fusheng Building. The three-story building is the symbol of this ancient town which sits at the intersection of Renci Street and Longjing Street, the most prosperous place in the town. It is the only building in Yanjiang Ancient Town built with "Hongmao mud", which is similar to today's cement. The beams, pillars, thresholds, are still quite firm and stable nowadays, which reflects the prominent position of the owner in Yanjiang Ancient Town in a degree.
The Wenwu Temple is located at the Yanjiang Wharf. It is a sacred place for the local people. Looking at the Youjiang River from the Wenwu Temple, people can only see the water from the upper stream due to its unique geographical location. Every year on May 13th of the lunar calendar, a large number of people will come to Wenwu Temple for sacrifice.
Kongming Well is located northwest of the town. According to legend, more than 1700 years ago, Zhuge Liang of the Wei and Jin Dynasty led his army to the south. He instructed his subordinates to dig new wells in the town. The wall of the ancient well is surrounded by camphor wood looking like a bottomless bucket. The daily volume of Kongming Well is 10-15 cubic meters. The water is very clear and sweet all year round whatever the season or climate.
People believe in the miraculous power of Kongming Well. On July 7th of the lunar calendar, people will use the water from the well both for drinking and making tea, which is a traditional way for praying for good luck.

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