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Nanning Diwang Mansion

Nanning Diwang Mansion is located in Qingxiu District, Nanning. It is located in Ningdong CBD, with convenient transportation system, which was put into use in 2006. The 58-floor building is 276 meters high with a total investment of 500 million RMB. Diwang Building is an international 5A-graded office building. 
Nanning Diwang Mansion broke the embarrassing situation that Nanning didn’t have any office buildings in the past ten years. It shows the great transformation in Nanning economy that Nanning has entered into a new era of international businesses. 
New Yunding Sightseeing Layer
The Diwang Mansion is an office building as well as a public urban viewing platform. The Yunding Sightseeing Layer locates on the top of the building, which integrates tourism, sightseeing and leisure functions together. The 360-degree view of the landscape of the platform offers a panoramic view of Nanning's cityscape. There are two sightseeing elevators with a speed of 6 meters per second in the building, which could take tourists directly from the basement floor to the sightseeing floor within one minute.
There are 10 sub-themed amusement areas in the Yunding Sightseeing Layer: Return of the King, Time and Space Shuttle, Strolling in the Clouds, Full View of Yongcheng, City Living Room, Fantasy Guangxi, Theme Exhibitions, Special Services, Green City Night Charm, and Looking into the Future. Tourists could have an unforgettable experience for entertainment.  
Yunding Sightseeing is different from the original TV tower tours with the catering and leisure services of the ordinary high-rise buildings. It innovatively explores Nanning’s geography, history and culture, using the novelty methods of international tourism and leisure. It has the theme of "Window of Nanning". It integrates time and space together, making it to become a modern landmark of Nanjing.

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