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Sanli Yangdu Scenic Area

Sanli Yangdu Scenic Area is situated in the northeast of Shanglin County, 128 kilometers away from Nanning. The scenic area mainly stretches from Sanli Town to Yangdu Village of Chengtai Town. The average altitude in the scenic area is generally about 300 meters. This is an original idyllic setting and a landscape that rivals the Lijiang River in Guilin. Sanli Yangdu Scenic Area is known as "Little Guilin", with its beautiful mountains, clear waters, different caves and other various landscapes.
Relying on the history and beautiful natural environment, Sanli Yangdu Scenic Area integrates natural sightseeing, agricultural sightseeing, historical tracking, and popular science education together. It has become one of the key tourist attractions in Nanning.
Features of Sanli Yangdu Scenic Area
According to the records, the famous traveler and geographer Xu Xiake of Ming Dynasty once stayed here for 54 days and wrote a description of more than 10,000 words in his writing "Xu Xiake's Travels".
The Sanli Yangdu Scenic Area has the typical karst landscape. It has rivers running through the scenic area. People can take a cruise to admire the natural scenery on both sides of the river, which is a better way to appreciate the rural scenery here.
The lava caves can often be seen in the mountains here, such as Mingjing Rock, Qinshui Rock, Dushan Rock, Foziling South Rock, Foziling North Rock, Baiyabao South Rock, and Qingshi South Rock. In addition, people can also find some ancient monuments and historical sites from the Tang Dynasty.
Zhuang, Yao, Miao and other ethnic groups are living in the surroundings of Sanli Yangdu Scenic Area and the Zhuang accounts for 80% of population. All the ethnic groups live in harmony and people could find the colorful ethnic customs and folks.
Main attractions of Sanli Yangdu Scenic Area
Zhicheng Monument is engraved in 697 of Tang Dynasty. The monument is 164 centimeters high and 78 centimeters wide. The inscription is written vertically from right to left, with a total of 1,108 characters. The content is to praise the beauty of Zhicheng Mountain and its surroundings. The monument has the far-reaching significance for studying the Zhuang nationality culture during the Tang Dynasty. 
During the Ming Dynasty, Baiyabao Cave was a post in the Sanli Senate. At that time, the post’s officer was named Qi. Baiyabao Post is located on the top of the cliff. Xu Xiake once made many in-depth investigations to these caves such as Baiyabao South Cave, Baiyabao North Cave, and Baiyabao Lower Cave.

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