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Baohua Mountain

Baohua Mountain is also called as Nanshan Mountain, which is located in Heng County, Nanning City. It is one of the tall mountains in Heng County, with the beautiful natural scenery and majestic atmosphere. As a famous Buddhist mountain in Guangxi, it was praised as Little Mount Wutai. It has beautiful scenery with many rare species of bird, such as snow crane and little egret. It has become a popular tourism destination. 
Natural Environment of Baohua Mountain
Baohua Mountain is seven kilometers away from the Heng County. The main peak is 564 meters above the sea level. The mountains extend to the southwest and northeast including dozens of large and small peaks, spanning over 40 square kilometers.
Getting to the main peak, people could appreciate the Heng County’s panorama views of with towering buildings and extraordinary momentum. The vast Yujiang River winds from west to east, like the elegant ribbon of the fairy looming between the mountains and the clouds. At this time, the majestic Xijin Hydropower Station Dam is like the pearl inlaid on this ribbon.
In addition, the Baohua Mountain area is rich in the high-quality mineral water resources. Experts have identified that the mineral water here contains more than 20 kinds of the microelement which are beneficial to the health. The water also has great commercial values.
Historical relics in Baohua Mountain
There are many historical relics in Baohua Mountain. The historic site Baishadu is the place where the Emperor Jianwen of the Ming Dynasty crossed the Yujiang. Tianzi Bridge, also namely Lanzi Bridge, is the first bridge that Emperor Jianwen met when walking into the mountain. He once washed hands and took bathing in Dalu Creek. The Mengshi Villa is the place where the famous geographer Xu Xiake once lived. There are also the Tea Plantation, Hidden Dragon Palace, Buddha Yingtian Temple and many other historical sites.
Yingtian Temple is one of the few temples which could house the Buddha’s relics. It is a famous century-old Buddhist mountain in Lingnan area. The Yingtian Temple was built in Tang Dynasty. At that time, there were hundreds of abbots and monks in the temple. According to legend, the Emperor Jianweny had been the abbot in the temple for 15 years.

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