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Nanhu Lake Park

Nanhu Lake Park is a must for tourists when travelling around the city of Nanning. It is located at Qingxiu District, sitting in the southwest part from the downtown Nanning. The park features an extraordinary lake scenery and unforgettable subtropical sight. Nanhu Lake Park covers an area of 1.3 square kilometers, while the lake takes up three fourth of the park’s total area. The lake is surrounded by buildings and pavilions of different style, so it is an ideal place for tourists to get close to nature without going afar.

In the ancient time, Nanhu Lake was a brook and used to be one of the sources of flood. During the Tang Dynasty, the local government dredged the waterways and got the water together, forming a lake. After making great efforts on water diversion for thousands of years, it becomes the largest inland lake in Nanning city. It runs from east to west and is divided into three sections. The total length for Nanhu Lake is about 7,975 meters, including 3,560 meters in the north, 330 meters in the east, 3,685 in the south and 400 in the west.  Along the 7,975 meters Nanhu Lake, a seven-hole arch bridge stretches over it and 8.17 kilometers tour route encircles the lake. The wide lake offers more fun games for the aquatics activities, such as, boating in daytime and enjoying water screen movies at night.

Nanhu Lake Park is definitely an ideal place for tourists to get relaxed and entertain themselves. There are a large number of different plants in the garden, including Pinang, Chinese fan palms, and other tropical trees. There are also three inner gardens which attract visitors’ attention: Chinese herbal gardens with over 200 Chinese herbs, orchid gardens and bonsai gardens. A visit in the gardens will reward visitors with abundant knowledge as well as the pleasures of nature's beauty.

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