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Xiaolangdi Reservoir Dam

Located 40 km north of the ancient city of Luoyang, the Xiaolangdi Reservoir Dam is the largest water project on the Yellow River, second largest hydropower station to the Three Gorges project on the Yangtze River.


Why the Xiaolangdi Reservoir Dam is special


The Xiaolangdi scenic area acts as a famous tourist attraction which is covered with dense vegetation and reserving plenty of water. Since the Xiaolangdi scenic spot has a temperature 4 to 5 ℃ lower than the urban district and even 10 ℃ cooler at the water outlet, the scenic area is becoming a hot tourist destination especially in summer. Each year, a number of visitors are attracted to visit the dam as well as the beautiful landscape of the scenic area.


Xiaolangdi Reservoir Dam highlights


Dam scenic area


The world wide renowned Xiaolangdi Reservoir Dam is just located inside the dam scenic area. Constructed in 1994, Xiaolangdi Dam regulates water and silt flow annually. The Dam is a multifunction project designed for flood control, ice control, dredging, industrial and municipal water supply, and hydroelectric power generation.


Xitan scenic area


The Xitan scenic area is an oasis which is habited with some local people. The place features fresh air, plenty of plants and flora, and quiet villages with unexplored natural landscape.


Zhangling Peninsula scenic area


The Zhangling Peninsula scenic area situates only 2km to the dam. Standing on the peninsula, visitors will see the surface of the river ripples with rhythm, which forming a charming spectacle likes in the fairyland.


Xiaolangdi Waterfall-Watching Festival


In recent years Yellow River Xiaolangdi Waterfall-Watching Festival is becoming a hot tourist event in Luoyang, Henan province. When Xiaolangdi Reservoir Dam takes off the brake and discharged floodwater, a 70-meter-long waterfall would rush down the Yellow River. The festival is held from Mid-August to Mid-September every year.

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