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Nandan Mountain

Nandan Mountain Forest Park locates in Nanshan Town, Sanshui District in Foshan. It is known as "China's Green Town". Nandan Mountain is a famous mountain with the long history of Buddhism and Taoism. The park owns the only primitive forest in southern China, where the ancient dense and evergreen trees are covered around the mountains. There are nearly 3,000 species of the wild animals and plants, which is awarded as a veritable "museum of subtropical animal and plant". With an area of 60 square kilometers, it is called as the most beautiful natural landscape of Pearl River Delta.
Unique resources at Nandan Mountain Forest Park
Through the joint planning and design of the international experts, Nandan Mountain Forest Park combines the unique ecological resources with many outstanding elements of forest tourism projects at home and abroad. It has been upgraded to a comprehensive tourism zone.
Nandan Mountain is also rich in human resources. The unique longevity health culture, leisure culture, Chinese medicine culture, Buddhism culture, Taoism culture, martial arts culture and returned overseas Chinese culture, make it known as the holy place of Guangdong.
Main attractions at Nandan Mountain Forest Park
The historical and cultural accumulation of Nandan Mountain is profound. As early as the Sui and Tang dynasties, there was a Taoist priest who practiced the art of alchemy. As a result, in 725 of the Tang Dynasty, Kaiyuan Temple, the earliest Buddhist monastery in Foshan was built. 
Wanshou Palace in the mountain has a history of more than 1,000 years. The palace is not so big which only has one entrance. It enshrines the five gods, blessing people of good luck and harvest. The history of Wanshou Palace is difficult to verify. According to legend, the place existed for a long time ago and it sheltered all the people of Nanshan Town. The current Wanshou Palace was built by the local villagers. Every year, there are many people coming to pray for blessings.
Yunlai Pavilion Observation Platform locates at the highest point of the mountain. The platform is built based to the terrain, linking to the blue sky, facing to the mountains on three sides surrounded by the dense forest. The green mountains are looming in distance while the rivers are winding like a belt. Looking down from here, people can have a panoramic view to the whole Nanshan town. 
The Forest Happy Valley has the most advanced amusement equipments, including the dreamy carousel, spinning coffee cup, ferry wheel and other game facilities. The indoor castle, star camping hotel, Nanshan café house and Happy Pool, all make people linger on. In addition, there is also a forest theater in the Forest Happy Valley, which introduces wonderful performances from time to time to hold happy carnival events or festivals.

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