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Foshan Violin Christian Church

Foshan Violin Christian Church locates in Yanbu Town, Nanhai District in Foshan. The church gets its name due to its appearance. The violin-style church is 38 meters high, with a cross on the top. The church started construction in 2013 and was completed in 2015. Now it is the National 4A Class Scenic Area. 
Chinese Christian church, Baptist and Seventh-day Adventist set their sub churches in Yanbu Town since Christianity was introduce to here in 1898. To further promote Christian religion, the government approved to set aside an open area covering 3,916 square meters for the construction of Violin Christian Church.
Meanings of the violin style
Violin is a Western musical instrument and its playing skills are quite important. The construction of a church requires people to learn constantly and practice repeatedly like playing a violin. A Christian should also think whether he can insist on the faith when committing himself in the religion. The cross on the top means lifting the cross highly and "letting praise arise". 
There are 70 sections in a violin. For Christians, the number “seven” is connected with the word COMPLETE. Although the shape of church is unique, it still aims to lift the spirit of Christ's love, glorify God and edify people.
Layout of Foshan Violin Christian Church
The appearance of the church is like a violin sculpture, standing on the banks of the beautiful Huadi River, which is elegant and luxurious, quiet and ease. It shows the dignity of the instrument and a modern Christian style of the church. It also looks like a beautiful bride, standing by the river and waiting. 
The church has eight floors. The main hall, reception room and library are on the first floor. The auxiliary hall, maternal and infant room, and choir room are on the second floor. The gardens are on the third and fourth floor. The guest rooms are on the fifth and sixth floors. The dormitory is on the seventh floor. The prayer room is on the highest floor.

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