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Pingzhou Jade Street

Pingzhou Jade Street locates in Nanhai District, Foshan. It is one of the four large jade markets in China and also one of the most influential jade centers in China. It has the largest production and sales in China, ranking the first among the major jade markets. Now, it is also a popular scenic spot in Foshan. 
Imposing Pingzhou Jade Street
Guangzhou, Jieyang, Sihui, and Pingzhou are China’s four well-known jade manufacturing and trading centers. Pingzhou jade products mainly include jade bracelets, jade buckles and bravery. The production technology is very exquisite, especially the representative jade buckles. The "Pingzhou jade buckle" is quite well-known in China, which attracts many tourists from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan coming here every year.
Now, there are over 550 jade shops covering of an area of 10,000 square kilometers in the area. The annual turnover reaches nearly 300 million Chinese yuan. Additionally, there are 6 jade material trading markets with almost 5,500 employees. Pingzhou Jewelry&Jade Institution has over 4,000 members from different provinces.
Today's Pingzhou Jade Street
Pingzhou Jade Street is one of the renowned pedestrian streets in Foshan, which is currently divided into two major themed scenic areas. The southern part is the Cuibao Garden, with the antique architectural complex and unique Lingnan style gardens. The northern part is the traditional jade block mainly for business and shopping. The jade block stretches about 1,000 meters long. The whole block contains three major themed squares: Mayu Square, Central Square and Emerald Square. In addition, there are the China-Myanmar Building, Huicui Jade Building, Pingzhou Jade School, Jewelry Center and other related jade shopping venues and professional institutions.
Pingzhou Jade Street also has the boutique jade exhibition hall and jade production displays. Visitors can visit the jade street and buy some jade articles as souvenirs while enjoying delicate and fantastic jade art works. Besides, tourists can also enjoy the local catering and accommodation in the traditional architectural style of Lingnan area. 
Due to the unique jade culture and history, the street has attracted many people for a visit. Through the integration of tourism and jade culture, the jade industry of the Pingzhou Jade Street also develops and upgrades. 

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