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Sanshui Lotus World

Sanshui Lotus World locates in Sanshui District in Foshan. The Sanshui Lotus World is the world's largest lotus ecological scenic spot. It has the most species of lotuses. Integrating architecture, sculpture, entertainment, hotels, shopping and catering together, it forms a comprehensive theme park. Also, it has the convenient transportation and is close to the highways, which can directly reach to the surrounding cities and airports. It was selected as the National 4A Class Scenic Area. 
Highlights at Sanshui Lotus World
Sanshui Lotus World was completed and opened in July 2000. It covers an area of 80 hectares with a water area of 50 hectares. It is mainly divided into eight zones, including the Culture Square, the Central Area, the Species Appreciating Area, the Water Platter and Water Lily Area, the Dining and Entertainment Area, the Scientific Research, Breeding Area and the Lotus Seed Collecting Area.
The front gate of the park is about 20 meters high and 60 meters wide, which pattern looks like a huge lotus in full bloom. The Lotus Fairy Square is the soul of the park. In the Lotus Pond stands a sculpture of Lotus Fairy in a height of 15 meters high. The fairy statue has a lotus in her hand symbolizing happiness and auspice.
The Lotus Culture Exhibition Hall is also interesting and attractive. It is divided into three hemispherical halls, looking like a lotus in blossom. The paintings about lotus, lotus photos and artworks by famous calligraphers and painters are in display in the halls.
The Lotus Theater is another symbolic building. It can accommodate about 1,300 people at one time. The poetic song and dance drama - Lotus Fairy is performed here daily, which has been welcomed by people
Colorful lotus
Sanshui Lotus World features 480 diversified species of lotuses, many of which are very rare in the world. People can immerse in the sea of colorful and beautiful lotuses. The golden, red, purple, blue, green and orange lotuses with fragrance make people enter into the wonderland. 
Among them, the 'space lotus' cultivated in space and the 'ancient lotus' unearthed in Liaoning Province are the most precious ones. Dozens of water lily varieties are ornamental and edible, some of which also have high medicinal values. The Victoria lily speice, the largest kind of water lily in the world, has a diameter of 1.98 meters.
Hundreds of the aquatic flower varieties, nearly 100 kinds of various kinds of melons and fruits are also planted in the park. The giant pumpkin with the diameter of 60 centimeters reaches 85 kilograms in weight. 

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