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Foshan Travel Season Tips

Best Visit Timing: April - October


Experiences a humid?subtropical?climate which gifts the city gentle winters, Foshan is a warm resort to visit. Climate here is quite mild and the average temperature is above 20℃. Winters are short and gentle here, however, summers could be really long and humid.


Spring and autumn are not distinct for temperature could rocket up to 31℃ from early March and lasts until the end of November. A jacket would be enough for you if you pay a visit to Foshan during spring or autumn.


Summer starts in early May and ends in mid of October. Average temperature in summer is above 30℃ so if you decide to visit the city in summer, it will be wise to wear T-shirts and trousers. Sunshine could be overly abundant in summer hence wearing sunscreen creams would be undoubtedly necessary for your skin. What’s more, don’t forget to drink water as much as you could to ensure your skin stay moisturized and healthy.


Winter is a very short season in Foshan. It usually lasts for 2 months which starts in December and ends in February next year. January could be the coldest, however, a sweater and a coat will be warm enough since the temperature is generally 10℃ in winter and barely snow in the area.


Generally, the rainy season begins from early April and lasts until the end of September wherein June is the time when most precipitation occurs. In addition, due to tropical cyclones usually come into shape during summertime, typhoon attacks are very common in Foshan. So we recommend you to keep an umbrella with you while hanging around and pay attention to the local weather forecast. When typhoons arrive, try to enjoy indoor activities instead of going outdoors.


Best time to visit Foshan is between April to October each year.


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