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Lingnan Tiandi

Lingnan Tiandi is adjacent to the Foshan Ancestral Temple. There are a large number of Lingnan-style residential buildings of the late Qing Dynasty. Lingnan Tiandi uses the modern techniques to protect the historical buildings in the area, continue the charm of the historical streets and transform it as a unique tourism and shopping area. Nowadays, Lingnan Tiandi has become a new landmark in Foshan. 
What is Lingnan?
Lingnan is a general term for a certain area, which locates at the south of five mountains in southern China. It is separated from inland by the boundary of five mountains. The five mountains consist of Yuecheng Mountain, Dupong Mountain, Mengzhu Mountain, Qitian Mountain and Dayu Mountain. Now referring to Lingnan, it mainly refers to Guangdong, Guangxi, Hainan, Hong Kong and Macau.
Archaeological discovers that in the early Paleolithic Era, there were already some human activities in Lingnan area, where was recognized as one of the cradles of Chinese civilizations. The original Lingnan culture has its own independent development, showing a relatively simple and natural historical process.
The modern Lingnan culture, one of the advanced cultures in modern China, has huge impacts on modern China. Lingnan culture has the unique features in various fields, including art, calligraphy, music, literature, opera, craft, garden, custom and architecture. 
What to see at Lingnan Tiandi?
Foshan Lingnan Tiandi has a land area of 520,000 square meters and a total construction area of 1.5 million square meters. It includes the ancient residences, office buildings, stores of retails, shopping malls, restaurants and other multi-functional facilities. 
There are many precious well-preserved historical buildings, such as Wok room, blue-brick houses, stone aisle, carved eaves, winding streets, etc. Every spot in the area is symbolic and unique. A lot of stores, café houses, boutique workshop and art museum stand harmoniously next to these old houses. Tourists could experience the harmonious blend of history and modern elements when strolling here. 
The highlights of various cultures, such as Cantonese opera, martial arts and ceramic crafts, make Lingnan Tiandi an integrated community that displays the essence of Foshan’s urban cultures.

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