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Wenta Park

Wenta Park is located in Ronggui Town, Shunde District in Foshan. The Wenta Tower faces to the east and the body is hexagonal. There is no exact historical record about its architectural data or age. According to the building structure, materials and style, it should be built during the Qing Dynasty. It was called Jukui Pavilion, Guizhou Ancient Tower and Ronggui Wen Tower in the past. Now, it is listed as the Provincial Key Cultural Relics Protection Unit. 
Each wall of the tower is 4.1 meters wide. The tower altogether has a total of seven floors with a total height of about 42 meters. There are many stone inscriptions on each floor different from each other. The inscriptions have five script forms, including the seal character, cursive script, official script, regular script and running script. It is said that these inscriptions were written by Hu Jun, who was a renowned local celebrity in the town. 
In 1792 of the Qing Dynasty, Hu Jun was awarded a government official. Some people believed that it was the time when the tower was built. The Hu Family, used to live along the Baodai River, built the tower for geomancy. During the Ming Dynasty, many family members of the Hu family had great achievements in the imperial examinations. The tower was made of bricks and woods. The brick masonry method of the tower is unique, which is very rare in the existing brick masonry of ancient pagodas in Shunde.
Ronggui Town went through the expansion project in recent years and Wenta Tower was also repaired in 1989. The restored tower remained simple, ancient and elegant features, with colorful inscriptions inside. In order to protect the ancient tower effectively, the government also turned the surroundings into a small park surrounded by brick walls. Inside the park, there are the lakes, pavilions and stone bridges. The main gate of the park is built with a four-pillar archway, which is quite spectacular. 
After 2007, more facilities were added in the park, such as tennis court, table tennis court, badminton court and football court, forming a comprehensive city park integrating culture, leisure and entertainment. 

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