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Zaomu Mountain

Zaomu Mountain locates in Gaoming District, which is a National 4A Class Scenic Area in Foshan. The mountain is known for its beautiful landscape and historical heritage. People can enjoy the winding streams, fountains and waterfalls in the mountain. Thousands of pine trees wave together, just like the jade covering the mountains. The main peak is 805 meters above the sea level, which is the highest peak in Foshan. Thus, it was regarded as the “First Peak in Foshan”. 
Zaomu Mountain in history
There are several legends about the name of the mountain. According to the legend, the person who named the Zaomo Mountain should be a scholar. “Zao” means the dark black. The forests on the mountain are dense and evergreen, like the green curtain, which is the meaning of “mu”, hence the name. 
It is also known as the Bijia Mountain. The mountain ranges are continuous, similar to the pen holder where the ancient scholars placed their brushes. Feng Shixing, a famous scholar of the Southern Song Dynasty, built a house here so that he could take care of his sick mother.
According to the “Gaoming County Chronicle”, Zaomu Mountain used to be the gathering site of the Yao ethnic groups in ancient times. During the Anti-Japanese War, it was once an important base for revolutionary guerrillas such as the Pearl River Association and Guangdong Association. 
Scenes at Zaomu Mountain
It is hard to view the sea of clouds at low latitudes so it is even quite extraordinary for people in Foshan to view the scenes over the ridges. 
Walking along the forest roads, the trip is undoubtedly interesting and in ease with the magnificent scenes. Standing on the top of the mountains provides the tourists a panoramic view of the city. In the east part, the peaks are undulating and boundless. In the north direction, the creeks, rivers, mountain roads, villages and towns can be clearly seen. On the sunny day, the people can also explore the hustle and bustle life of the modern Guangzhou. 

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