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Nanhaiwan Forest Ecological Park

Nanhaiwan Forest Ecological Park is located in the west bank of Xiqiao Town, Nanhai District in Foshan. It is an important part of the South Bay project, rated as a Natioanl 4A Class Scenic Spot. Combining Taoism culture as the foundation, health culture as the characteristics and forest and water ecology tourism resources as the advantages, the park is ancient, majestic, quiet and beautiful. The natural ecological environment is extremely superior, so it is called as the pure land in the hinterland of the Pearl River Delta, which is a green treasure in the southern Guangdong.
Heaven of nature
In the scenic area, there are countless clear streams, endless throughout the year, which flow into the waterfalls. The ancient bamboo forests and vines are densely wrapped and entangled surrounding by the mountains in succession. The original ecological environment is refreshing. Such a wonderful place hidden deeply between overlapping peaks and winding paths is a good choice to escape from the urban city and enjoy the fresh air in leisure. 
Main attractions
On the hillside of the Tea Mountain, near the Yinkeng River, stands a historic Taoist building complex, Qingyun Cave. Qingyun Cave was built during the late Qing Dynasty. It is famous for its long history, magnificent momentum, beautiful environment, fine workmanship and delicate layout. Qingyun Cave is famous for its ponds and streams. The seven-meter-high waterfall forms a unique natural landscape. 
The Green Pool is formed by a three-layer waterfall. It is the deepest pool in the Ecological Park. The pool water is clear under the shades of the lush trees. The rocks around the pool are steep and strange. In spring, the mountains are full of flowers with fragrance, forming the colorful natural scenery. 
The Shuiyuan Pool was created by nature magically. The local people have been enjoying this fairy spring since the ancient times. 
The average altitude of Tea Mountain is above 300 meters with the main peak reaching 540.6 meters high. It stretches for 9 kilometers and covers an area of 44.5 square kilometers. In the past, there was a village in the mountain called Motang Village. The villagers made a living by planting tea and running tea business. The tea is sweet and aromatic, attracting many people to buy tea here, forming a small well-known tea market.

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