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Taikang Mountain

Taikang Mountain Ecological Tourism Zone locates in Mingcheng Town, Gaoming District of Foshan. It covers an area of nearly 300 hectares. With the investment of more than 100 million RMB, the tourism zone has become one of the most attractive leisure scenic spots in Gaoming District. It is also a green pearl in the hinterland of Guangdong Province. It has the features of agricultural and forestry eco-tourism, which bring people the concept of returning to nature.
Features of Taikang Mountain Ecological Tourism Zone
Taikang Mountain Ecological Tourism Zone has the unique climate and environment, beautiful natural scenery, green mountains, clear rivers and winding paths. The surrounding mountains are reckless while the water is green and gurgling. Relying on the beautiful natural resources, Taikang Mountain Ecological Tourism Zone highlights the three major themes of "ecological experience, happy holiday and cultural dream". The natural ecological environment in the Taikang Mountain tourist area has never been changed for thousands of years, which makes people truly appreciate and enjoy the cleanliness and tranquility of nature.
Taikang Mountain has become an all-inclusive holiday resort that integrates the industrial elements such as catering, accommodation, sport, leisure, and conference. Taikang Mountain Ecological Tourism Zone has different tourism areas including the mountain sightseeing area, Cuizhu Pavilion, Lanyue Pavilion, ruins of ancient Yao village, zip-lining adventures, Shuangri Peak, forest walking trails, water park, golf area, campfire party area, camping area, spring spa experience and themed hotels.
In addition, people can also experience the featured cultural projects, such as ecological tea garden project, peach garden viewing project, canyon adventure project, Hakka cultural square, Hakka residential display area, Hakka handicraft workshops and Hakka wedding customs experience projects, etc.
In the future, the construction of other comprehensive facilities and amusement projects in Taikang Mountain Ecological Tourism Zone would be gradually improved.

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