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Former Residence of Kang Youwei

Kang Youwei Former Residence is located in Nanhai District, Foshan. Kang Youwei was born here on March 19, 1858. The Kang Family had lived here for five generations that the local people called their residence as "century-old house". It can be said that the historic house is famous because of Kang Youwei. Now, the building is a National Key Protection Unit.

Introduction of Kang Youwei
Kang Youwei (1858-1927) is a famous politician, scholar, thinker and educator in late Qing Dynasty. He was the founder and executor of China's Constitutional Reform and Modernization, who was a key figure in the intellectual development of modern China.

Kang Youwei came from a scholarly gentry’s family in Foshan. His teacher imbued him with the Confucian thoughts and his study of Buddhism impressed him with its spirit of compassion. He rebelled against convention, Neo-Confucian authoritarianism and the demands of the ancient civil service examination system. Then he began to admire Western civilization.

Kang Youwei spent his important teenager period in this old house. Here, he read many ancient books and initially formed his revolutionary system thoughts. In the 1880s he began to conceive some of his basic ideas: ideas of social equality, a world government and the nature of the universe. He has made outstanding contributions to the emancipation of China's thoughts.

Introduction of Former Residence of Kang Youwei
Former Residence of Kang Youwei was restored in 1983. Now it covers an area of more than 20,000 square meters, composed of Kang Youwei Memorial Hall, main building, Danru Tower, Song Pavilion, Lotus Pond and other buildings.  

Kang Youwei Memorial Hall is built in 1986, covers an area of 590 square meters which now becomes a patriotic education base in Foshan. The memorial hall shows Kang Youwei's whole life and achievements comprehensively through various methods. Many cultural relics about Kang Youwei were displayed here such as various photos and videos about Kang Youwei.

The Main Hall is the showroom of the scenic spot. The plague above the main entrance is inscribed by Kang Youwei's disciple Mr. Liu Haisu. The statue of Kang Youwei stands in the hall, solemn and grandeur.

The study room is where Kang Youwei read and wrote calligraphy, which is named "Xie Xuan Pavilion". There is a hexagonal cabinet and a bookcase. On the wall are the poems written by Kang Youwei when he was young.

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