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Ocean Cube Marine Park

Ocean Cube Marine Park is located in Nanhong Cultural Industrial Park, Shunde District in Foshan. Open in 2018, Ocean Cube is first Marine Park in Shunde with a total investment of 180 million Chinese yuan, with a construction area of about 12,000 square meters. It integrates the marine animals viewing, marine animal performances, children's training lessons, parent-child interactions and entertaining activities together, forming a comprehensive marine park.

Layout of Ocean Cube Marine Park
The marine park is divided into two floors. There are three major areas of Adventure Tribe, Fantasy Paradise, and Tomorrow Land on first floor, which are mainly based on marine animals sightseeing and animal performances. The second floor consists of three major areas: Ocean Dream Factory, Cute Pet Zone and Frozen World, which are based on education equipped with interactive amusement facilities.

Through the "primitive tribe" in the forest, Adventure Tribe has the highlights of the giant bone tongue fish and dinosaur skeleton display area. Accompanied by the gorgeous lights, it creates singular and interesting prehistoric atmosphere full of imagination. Here, a unique exhibition area is also built including tree frogs, spiders, centipedes, water dragon lizards, horned frogs, pythons and other amphibians, showing the wild jungles of Amazon vividly.

The Fantasy Paradise has the free-roaming turtles and colorful koi carps, making this place a paradise. In this area, animals are closer in a distance that people can touch them. Tourists have a chance to interact with the beautiful parrots and play with the golden fish.

Tomorrow Land mainly focuses on future and technology themes. Here, the lighting, stage, the mermaid theatre and the undersea tunnel echoed each other. Various fish swim past your head, such as the scary devil fish and giant turtles. The submarine breeder will appear in the water and have feeding performances. People can also experience the advanced games in this area.

There are many various marine classes in the Ocean Dream Factory. Here, tourists can participate in the mud lessons, the painting courses, the creative kitchens and scientific experiments. Children can experience the fun of baking, conducting scientific experiments, and grinding soybean milk in the Small Ocean Mill.

The Cute Pet Zone has the cute rabbits, golden squirrels, mysterious Maine cats, chinchillas, pouches...This is a paradise of small cute pets. While playing with these cute pets, people can also quietly watch the dreamy jellyfish on the wall for a rest.

In Frozen World, the arctic wolves and arctic foxes offer a chance for the tourists to learn the survival habits of the animals in Arctic region. In this ice world, there are naughty castle, space sand, rock climbing, archery, beach and Ocean Theater.

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