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Silk Capital of Southern China Museum

Silk Capital of Southern China Museum is the first private silk museum in Guangdong Province. It locates at Guanlv Road, Shunde District. The museum aims to reproduce the ecological landscape of "Sangji Fish Pond" in Shunde. It retains glorious historical memory of southern silk and shows the origin of Shunde's manufacturing history. It reflects the pioneering, enterprising, realistic and compatible spirits of Shunde people. Now it is the National 3A Class Scenic Spot.

Layout of Silk Capital of Southern China Museum
Silk Capital of Southern China Museum displays a large number of pictures, texts, specimens, ancient primitive equipment, facilities, tools, ancient objects, clothing and rich silk products. Here, people can learn the process of making silk and also experience the activities of picking the mulberry, raising the silkworms, reeling cocoons, weaving and dyeing cloths.

Silk Capital of Southern China Museum is also divided into several parts, displaying the silk culture in different aspects.

Silk Culture and History Hall shows the silk culture history in Shunde, with a history of more than a thousand years. The colorful silk folk cultures of the silkworm farmers and weavers are presented here. China had set up a special sericulture management organization in the Zhou Dynasty thousands years earlier. During the Western Han Dynasty, Zhang Qian visited the western regions and launched the famous Silk Road, which is an important passage linking the Middle East and Europe. The Chinese silk and sericulture technologies were gradually introduced to other countries along the Silk Road.

Sericulture Hall exhibits the whole process from sericulture to cocoon formation, displaying the sericulture tools of various periods. The specimens of the entire growth process from silkworms to moths are also in display. There people can also participate in mulberry harvesting and raising silkworm by themselves.

Textile Industry Hall introduces the original warping, dyeing, and weaving techniques, and displays the ancient weaving equipments. People can also experience the technological process and see various products of Guangdong embroidery and silk quilts.

Lingnan Cultural Center provides a platform for exhibiting the Lingnan style poetry, painting and calligraphy works. It helps to enrich the cultural heritage of the silk. Lingnan culture is an important part of the profound and splendid Chinese culture. Based on the unique geographical environment and historical conditions, Lingnan culture takes agriculture and marine as the sources, continuously absorbs the overseas culture and gradually forms its own unique characteristics.

Silk Boutique Exhibition Hall displays the diverse silk products, including silk quilts, natural silk fibroin cosmetics, the Shunde unique scented yarn, silk clothing, silk socks, silk scarves, embroidery and so on.

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