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Nanhai Wetland

Nanhai Wetland Scenic Area is China's first wetland theme park. It is located in Jinsha, west of Nanhai District in Foshan. It covers an area of more than 1,000 acres and close to the Beijiang River. The scenic area is surrounded by the farmland waters. After years of flooding and retreating, a natural wetland environment formed here. Nanhai Wetland Scenic Area has the convenient transportation, which is 12 kilometers away from Foshan Airport, 30 kilometers away from Nanhai Port and 40 kilometers away from Guangzhou city center.

Layout of Nanhai Wetland Scenic Area
Nanhai Wetland Scenic Area is a new theme park that integrates unique wetlands, lakes, beaches, jungles and other rich natural ecological resources. It integrates the original unique landform and the advanced leisure tourism concepts.

The natural and novel tourism projects, such as beach programs, New Zealand Maori villages, wetland adventures, forest pastures, valleys and bamboo gardens are set in the scenic area. It has become an ideal place for tourists to relax for vacation.

Under the natural environment, there are nearly 20 modern amusement facilities are set in the park, mainly including the pirate ship, big pendulum, space travel, jungle flying, carousel, flying chair, bumper car, etc. The original wetland cruises and river-view barbecue sites are still remained. The perfect combination of modern trends and natural customs makes it a beautiful and pleasant tourism area as well as a holy place for entertainment.

The south part of the park includes the golden river bank beaches, riverside leisure promenades, wetland ecological pavilions, butterfly pavilions, bird watching areas, indigenous performance venues, New Zealand bamboo forest barbecue area, indigenous campfire venue, children's playground, magical adventures area and Maori indigenous culture display area.

In the north part of the park, people can take a motor boat tour of the wetland. The journey takes about 30 minutes, passing through the Heron Paradise, Wetland Rainforest, Maori Tribe, Reed Swing, Palm Island, Wetland Flower Valley, Giant Lizard Pool and other main spots.

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