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Zhongshan Park

Foshan Zhongshan Park locates on the Bank of Fenjiang River in Chancheng District, northeast of Foshan City. It is a comprehensive city park integrating publicity, exhibition, science popularization, catering and entertainment. It was built in 1928 in memory of Dr. Sun Yat Sen. 
Foshan Zhongshan Park was only 0.5 hectares when it was firstly built. After continuous expansion and reconstruction, now the Zhongshan Park covers an area of 28 hectares, including 12.5 hectares of water area and 15.5 hectares of green land. 
Main attractions at Foshan Zhongshan Park
Foshan Zhongshan Park is divided into nine scenic areas, including the south gate square area, historical and cultural area, elders’ activity area, lawn area, lake area, children amusement zone, animal viewing area, and rest area. Each scenic area is beautiful and unique, mixing culture and nature landscapes. 
There are more than twenty small spots in the park, such as the ancient camphor tree, Hongyan waterfall, archway, Kongqiao Bridge, long dike, lotus pond, pavilion and Lihu Lake. Either the peak in the morning sunshine or coconut forest with rainbow after raining is the charming scene that tourists could see in the park. The traditional and modern gardening techniques are applied in the facilities of park. 
There are many children’s amusement facilities in the park, which are interesting and exciting, such as happy square, elevated pulley, merry-go-round, self-controlled flying saucer, etc. Children at all ages can find endless funs here. 
The zoo in the park covers an area of 6,500 square meters, with a total of 46 kinds of 325 rare animals. People can enjoy the wonderful animal performances on holidays and weekends, such as elephant dancing, monkey carrying water, parrot reading words, dog climbing pole, etc.
The lotus pond is also worth visit, which obtains hundreds of beautiful lotus flowers and leaves. The lotus flowers are dotted in the pond, some in full bloom, some bud, brilliant and fragrant. There are also many fancy carp and goldfish in the lotus pond. People can also take a boat ride on the lake to appreciate the lotuses closely. 

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