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Thousand Lantern Lake Park

Thousand Lantern Lake Park locates in Nanhai District in Foshan. The park’s construction work began in 1999 and was completed in 2001. Covering an area of 100 hectares, with the total investment reaching 164 million RMB, the park is equipped with more than 1,300 landscape lights set in the park. The park has become a landmark in Foshan attracting large number of travelers. It was rated as the National 4A Class Scenic Spot.
Layout of Thousand Lantern Lake Park
The park is mainly divided by Qiandeng Lake and Civic Square. The water surface is about 87,000 square meters. The lake is clear during the day surrounded by lush trees. The tall buildings along the bank of the lake are reflected in the lake. When night falls, the various landscape lights in different shapes are shining the trees, pavilions and buildings, colorful and charming.
There are some walkways in the park, where people can cycle, walk and exercise. There is a popular lakeside coffee house in Qiandeng Lake, which is very comfortable for people to have a drink as well as admire the beautiful landscape.  
When lights turn on, people could take a boat and admire the bright light view on the lake. The peaceful landscape always attracts tourists to explore and relax. 
Main attractions Thousand Lantern Lake Park
Beside the natural landscape, there are buildings in Qiandenghu District and Civic Square District. The landslide is connected with the hills, so that the shops and other stores are sheltered under the mountain. In this way, the buildings become part of the mountain, with only one gate facing to the lake. This is a major architectural feature of Thousand Lantern Lake Park. It not only highlights the features of Lingnan water town, but also fully reflects the theme of "nature, human and society".
The most striking spot in Thousand Lantern Lake Park is the six lighthouses on the top of the mountain with a height of 28.5 meters. There are also 2 lighthouses on the lakeside with a height of 18.5 meters. 
The 48-meter-long steel arch bridge, the 250-meter-long corridor and the historical observation towers form the beautiful scenery of lakes and mountains. 
The Civic Square is one of the main venues for the art performances of the Asian Arts Festival, which makes Thousand Lantern Lake gain reputation both at home and abroad. 

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