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Shunfeng Mountain Park

Shunfeng Mountain Park locates in the Taiping Mountain range, northwest of Shunde District in Foshan. The park started construction in 1999 and opened to be the public since 2004. It is one of the “10 new scenic attractions” of Shunde. Covering for 5.5 square kilometers, Shunfeng Mountain Park nowadays has become a modern tourism destination integrating tourism, leisure and entertainment together. 
The construction of the park highlights the theme of "mountain and water landscape". It combines mountain, forest and water resources with the profound cultural and historical background. The park layout is quite brilliant and well-designed. The Peak of Shunfeng Mountain is a good place to appreciate the clouds and the sunrise. 
Main attractions in Shunfeng Mountain Park
There are altogether 24 scenic spots in the park. The Qingyun Pagoda in the park is quite famous where a lot of people come to pray and worship in every festival. The original name was "Shenbu Pagoda". Since the Qingyun Road under the mountain links directly to the city center, the local people also call it the Qingyun Pagoda. Qingyun Pagoda was built in 1602 during the Ming Dynasty and was donated by the local magistrate, Ni Shangzhong and other gentry. 
The pagoda is octahedral in shape, 3.3 meters wide and 28 meters high. Overlooking from the pagoda, tourists could have a panoramic view of the whole city.
Shunfeng Mountain Archway locates at the entrance of the park. The giant Chinese archway was built in 2002. The whole archway is 88 meters wide and 38 meters high. The base of the archway is 3 meters thick and the entire arch weighs 14,000 tons. It is also the largest archway in Asia. Its large scale, majestic shape, gorgeous patterns and superb skills are very rare in the world, which allows it to enjoy the good reputation as the “No.1 archway in China”.
The Jiuzhai Tower was built in 1599 of the Ming Dynasty. The tower is octagonal with seven floors. The tower has a height of 25.6 meters and its base has the diameter of 10.8 meters. The tower is very sturdy which is preserved very well. During the Anti-Japanese War, the Pearl River Column once stood at this tower and defeated more than 1,000 enemies of Japanese invaders, puppet troops and bandits. The victory has the important historical values.
Guipan Lake Area began the renovation work in 2015. Now it has expended to 90,000-square-meter scenic area integrating the wetland, lake, garden, forest, grassland, grass slope, outdoor art installation and other elements. People can get closer to the lake and enjoy the beauty of nature. 

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