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Bruce Lee Paradise

Bruce Lee Paradise locates in Junan Town, Shunde. The park has an area of nearly 200 hectares. It has a typical Lingnan hilly landform, surrounded by 22 hills. It is one of the most popular scenic spots in Foshan. It combines Bruce Lee’s Kungfu culture, Shunde water village cuisine, Lingnan architectural style, and water amusement facilities. Bruce Lee Paradise is the "New Ten Sceneries of Shunde", "National Science Education Base", and "Guangdong Ecological Tourism Base". 
Natural paradise of Foshan 
Bruce Lee Paradise has the continuous and clear lakes, dense and evergreen trees in fresh air. The environment of the attraction is ease and quiet, away from the noise of the city. It is called as the "paradise" of the Pearl River Delta, "Lingnan Ecological Manor" or "World Kungfu Base".
Currently, there are nearly 60 species of birds in the park, and the egrets are very common to see here. At dawn and dusk, egrets fly to the Island, forming a beautiful picture. 
People can stroll along the woodland paths, hike in the mountains, admire the beautiful scenery, and overlook the rural scenery of Lingnan Area. The sculptures, pavilions, fish ponds and ecological farm add more charm of the park.
The park is divided into Bruce Lee Cultural Area, Kung Fu Cultural Area, Family Tour Area, Water Village Area, and Oxygen Bar Ecological Area.
Highlights in Bruce Lee Paradise
The Bruce Lee Memorial Hall is the main project in the park, with a construction area of 5,000 square meters. The memorial hall is mainly based on Bruce Lee’s life, Kungfu arts, and Visual and Performing Arts. The memorial hall is designed based on the modern Lingnan residential style, with the scenes designed according to the movies which Bruce Lee ever acted in. 
The biggest statue of Bruce Lee in the world stands in a height of 18.8 meters. It took two years for the construction work. The statue is a masterpiece of Cao Chonggen, one of the China's top sculptors. The title “King of Kungfu” is carved on the statue's base, together with a summary of Lee’s whole life. 
Bruce Lee Paradise also holds several martial arts festivals every year, gathering the masters from various schools and associations of martial arts all over the world to learn and communicate the Kung Fu culture. 

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