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Xikeng Reservoir

Xikeng Reservoir is located 27 kilometers southwest of Gaoming District, and 14 kilometers north of Yangmei Town. It is only 3 kilometers away from Zaomu Mountain. Xikeng Reservoir is named because it is near Xikeng Village. The Xikeng Reservoir was completed in October 1975, which is a medium-sized reservoir in Gaoming District. The retain water area is 10.5 square kilometers. The total storage capacity is 10.15 million cubic meters. Xikeng Reservoir was regarded as one of Gaoming's new eight scenic spots in 1990.
History of Xikeng Reservoir
Due to the terrain, during the rainy season, Xikeng Village and surrounding villages were often affected by the high river level. Floods often occurred here. Therefore, most of the villagers built the houses at a high place to avoid the floods. In this case, a reservoir will be very necessary for the villagers. After three years of construction, a reservoir for flood control and irrigation was built. 
After the construction of the Xikeng Reservoir, the villagers in the downstream parts gradually moved their houses to the flat ground, which shows that the reservoir had played a crucial role in resisting the local disasters.
After 2010, the Xikeng Reservoir was equipped with the intelligent early-warning system. The duty personnel can see the situation of the dam through the camera in the control room. The accurate data such as water level are also transmitted to the computer screen, which is more convenient. At the same time, Xikeng Reservoir still adheres to the method of combining technology and manpower. The officer will still regularly measure the water level and inspect the dam condition to ensure the safe operation of the reservoir. 
Between 2009 and 2010, the Xikeng Reservoir also carried out the reinforcement projects, the cut-off walls and reinforced earth dams were added then. The water delivery culverts and water intake towers were reconstructed. The dam’s safety monitoring facilities were improved. 
Environment in Xikeng Reservoir
Xikeng Reservoir has the beautiful natural scenery, with the lush plants, as if entering a fascinating and dreamlike fairyland. The water is wide and clear. The surroundings of the Xikeng Reservoir are full of lush and green cedar, pine and bamboos. 
The ecology here is well maintained as thousands of egrets often gather and circle here. Tourists could have a chance to take the boat ride on the lake, which is a good choice for relaxing and enjoying the beauty of nature. 

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