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Donghuali Walk Street

Donghuali Walk Street locates in Chancheng District, Foshan. Donghuali Walk Street is the best-preserved Qing Dynasty street in the Pearl River Delta and the entire Guangdong Province. It is an important place to learn the Foshan’s history of local architectural traditions and customs. In 2001, it was rated as a National Key Cultural Relics Protection Unit.
History of Donghuali Walk Street
More than 100 years ago, Donghuali Walk Street was the “first street” in Foshan. Formerly known as "Wuyang Street", it was named after the people who lived here in the early Qing Dynasty with the family names of Yang and Wu. After that, the two families declined in succession, and their houses were gradually resold. Later, it was renamed as "Donghuali" during the reign period of Qing Emperor Qianlong.
During the reign period of Qing Emperor Jiaqing and Daoguang, the Luo family moved to Donghuali. Luo Bingzhang, a governor of Sichuan at that time, repaired and renovated the buildings on the north side of the street then. 
In late Qing Dynasty, the overseas Chinese Zhao Family moved there. The Zhao Family firstly did the business in Foshan and later went to Hong Kong. After they made fortune, they repaired and renovated the buildings on the south side of the street.
Features of Donghuali Walk Street
Donghuali Street stretches for 146.4 meters, with a total area of 10,217 square meters obtaining a total of 58 houses. Although Donghuali are broken and ruined after the demolition, the hollow patterns on the walls, eaves and windows are still can be seen. People can still feel the wealth of the houses’ owners at that time.
The houses on both sides of the street still kept the old appearances of the Qing Dynasty. These houses once belonged to the local rich families. Regardless of the architectural style or decorations, the houses are extremely particular. The gates and walls are very tall; the stone steps are orderly; the walls are mostly made of the exquisite blue bricks. The granite pavements are wide, clean and smooth. The decorations of the halls inside are also very exquisite and beautiful with wooden carvings, wooden pergolas and partition doors. 

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