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Foshan Travel Overview

Only half-hour metro ride from Guangzhou could take you to this city. Foshan, seems like an ordinary prefecture-level city in Guangdong Province, however, is birthplace to two famous Kung Fu icons, Wong Feihung and Ip Man (who is the master to Bruce Lee), and is home to Cantonese opera, Lion dancing as well as Dragon boat racing.

Foshan is one of the National Historical and Cultural Cities of China. The history of the city is time-honored and profound. The name of the city means "Hill of Buddha" since 3 bronze sculptures of Buddha were unearthed in the nearby mountains in A.D. 628 which also earned the city great reputation.

The city is also well-known for ceramics, gauze and metal work. It had grown into one of the 4 greatest markets along with Jingdezhen town, Hankou town, Zhuguang town since the Ming Dynasty, primarily owing to its thriving ceramic and steel production industries.

As a tourist resort, Foshan earns its reputation in the strength of the city's cultural heritages and local cuisines. It houses many tourist attractions such as the Ancestral Temple, Xiqiao Mountain, Chuanlord Tourism & Leisure EXPO Park, Ancient Nanfeng Kiln, etc.

Shunde District, administrated by Foshan, is the birthplace and home of Cantonese cuisine which makes Foshan entitled as City of Gastronomy by UNESCO. In fact, people say that most best Cantonese chefs are from Shunde. They are good at cooking fish and other animals in various methods as well as making delicate desserts and street foods.

Recommended Attractions

a.must-go places

The Ancestral Temple

Xiqiao Mountain

Ancient Nanfeng Kiln

Shunde Qinghui Garden

Liang Garden

Lingnan XinTiandi

b.also worthy to go

Renshou Temple

Chuanlord Tourism & Leisure EXPO Park

Fengjian Water Town

Qiandeng Lake Park

Wong Feihung Memorial Hall

Zaomu Mountain

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