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Wong Fei-Hung Memorial Hall

Wong Fei-Hung Memorial Hall is located in the city center of Foshan, in the north of amother famous tourist attraction - Ancestral Temple. To commemorate Wong Fei-Hung, the outstanding Chinese martial arts master, the Foshan City Cultural Department started the program of the memorial hall in 2000. After nine months of construction, the hall was open to the public then.
Features of Wong Fei-Hung Memorial Hall
Wong Fei-Hung Memorial Hall imitates the Qing Dynasty’s traditional construction style. The bricks and tiles all obey the typical style of Lingnan ancient buildings and also preserve the courtyard style. It covers a total area of more than 5,000 square meters with two floors.
The architectural components such as beams, pillars, brick carvings, cornices, screen walls, doors and windows are all collected from the old materials, aiming to present the ancient charm.
The wood carvings, brick carvings, and stone carvings can be regarded as the treasures of Wong Fei-Hung Memorial Hall. The stone threshold already has a history of 100 years, which was collected from the Pearl River Delta area. The brick carvings were from the Qing Dynasty, which were unearthed from Liangyuan Garden. They were designed on theme of flowers and birds, vividly and beautiful. A pair of stone lions standing in front of the gate is also from the Qing Dynasty. 
About Wong Fei-Hung 
Wong Fei-Hung (1847-1924), or known as Huang Feihong, was born in Foshan of Qing Dynasty. He was a renowned master for martial arts worldwide as well as a professional doctor. Wong Fei-Hung is a representative of Foshan Culture. He brought people not only a few sets of Kung Fu arts, but also the chivalrous spirits especially his social responsibility. This kind of cultural influence is extremely profound in both home and abroad.
Wong Fei-Hung Memorial Hall houses the exhibition halls, film and television halls, martial arts halls, and patios. The exhibitions of the museum introduce Wong Fei-Hung's life stories and display various artworks and the precious cultural relics about the great Kung Fu master. Many of his stories were made into popular films, animated cartoons. 
During the construction, the hall has received great support and assistance from home and abroad. Many people donated more than a thousand pieces of historical pictures and precious objects about Wong Fei-Hung to the memorial hall.

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