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Ancestral House of Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee Ancestral House locates in Shangcun Village of Shunde District in Foshan, which covers for 51 square meters. The house was built by his grandfather - Lee Zhenbiao. The residence has the typical local Lingnan construction style, which is made of bricks and woods, with gray bricks and black roofing tiles. Here, people can get closer to this great Chinese Kung Fumaster in history.
The talented Chinese Kung Fu master
Bruce Lee, Chinese name Li Jun Fan, was born in November 1940, in California, and died in 1973, Hong Kong. He is an American-born film actor who was renowned for his martial arts. Lee also helped popularize martial arts movies in the 1970s worldwide.
After Lee’s death, his films are still welcomed by many people from past to the present. Lee himself was reputed as one of the biggest pop culture icons of the 20th century. He was also credited as a movie star who changed the stereotypes how the Asian characters were presented in American films.
Lee was introduced to the entertainment industry in an early age partly because his father was an opera singer and actor. Lee began appearing in films since childhood. As a teenager, he took up with local gangs and began learning Kungfu to better protect himself.
Introductions about Bruce Lee Ancestral House
At the entrance of Shangcun Village there is the Lee Family's Ancestral Hall. It was built to immortalize Lee's ancestors. The Ancestral Hall is very tall, grand, spacious and solemn. The Ancestral House is near the Lee's Ancestral Hall. Bruce Lee lived here only for a short period. He spent the most part of his childhood and teenhood in Hong Kong.
Bruce Lee Ancestral House is composed of a bedroom, a hall, a kitchen and a yard. The roof of the house is 4.2 meters high. It is a very humble house, and the furnishings are simple without too much decoration. On the walls of the hall there is a brief introduction about Bruce Lee. Many of Bruce Lee's photos and the large photos from his films, in which Bruce Lee played the leading roles, are also presented. 
There is a wooden stake and an incense burner table in the hall. The wooden stake is used for practicing Kungfu. The incense burner table is used to make sacrifices to Lee's ancestors. The yard covers an area of about 20 square meters, which is a good place for practicing Kungfu.

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