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Sanshui Forest Park

Sanshui Forest Park locates in the northern suburb of Sanshui District, Foshan. With a total area of 8,000 hectares, it was rated as the Provincial Scenic Spot in Guangdong Province in 1995. It was established as the Sanshui Ecological Protection Zone in 2001. Now it is the National 4A Class Scenic Spot. 
Ecological Sanshui Forest Park
Sanshui Forest Park has beautiful natural scenery. The mountains are covered with dense and evergreen forests and lakes and ponds are clear, which make the whole park ease and elegant. The ecological beauty of the park is very rare in the Pearl River Delta Region. 
The forest Park has the complete supporting facilities, including hotels, resorts, conference centers, grass fields, kart racing fields, barbecue fields, etc. Now it is a wonderful place for relax. 
Main attractions at Sanshui Forest Park
The Wuqing Valley is located at the entrance of the park. The valley has lush green trees, rich plant varieties in a quiet environment. Facilities such as healthy walking trails and leisure pavilions add charm of the forest park. People can stroll through the tortuous forest trails in the valley, breathe the fresh air, admire the natural scenery and purify the soul. 
Covering an area of more than 300 acres, Kongsheng Garden is an education base of Confucian and traditional Chinese cultures. The garden is divided into several zones, such as Lao Xingmen, Dacheng Gate, Dacheng Hall, Chongsheng Hall, Juxing Tower, etc. All these buildings are built on the mountain, with the ingenious layout. The buildings in the garden are modeled after the Confucius Temple in Qufu City, Shandong, which are in the ancient architectural styles. 
Yuanyang Lake is outside the Wuqing Valley. The sparkling lake is surrounded by the green trees. Walking along the lake, there are the small pebble beach, ancient wells, ancient arch bridges and unique caves. There is a fancy fountain in the heart of the lake. The whole lake is full of the Chinese nostalgia and romantic atmosphere, especially at night, the moonlight and artificial lights shining with each other.  
Sanshui Giant Buddha has the length of 108 meters. It was wrapped in gold. In front of the Buddha stand the Koi Pond and Lotus Pond. There is a 60-meter long corridor painted with the Buddha stories in front of the status. There is also a platform for worshiping the Buddha, which attracts many pilgrims in each festival or holiday.

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