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Chencun Flower World

Chencun Flower World is located in Shunde District, Foshan. Chen Village or Chencun Village is a famous flower township of Lingnan, with a history of more than two thousand years. It is known as "Lingnan Millennium Flower Township", "China's No.1 Flower Town" and the “Foshan’s New Eight Scenic Spots”. Established in 1998, Chencun Flower World is a large-scale flower trading center and flower culture theme park integrating modern agriculture, flower production, sales, scientific research, flower exhibition and tourism together.
Layout of Chencun Flower World
The history of growing flowers in Chencun Village can be traced back to the Yuanding Era of the Han Dynasty (116BC - 111BC). Its cultivation technology is regarded as the best in the southern China.
It covers an area of about 660 hectares, with a total investment of 680 million RMB, obtaining more than 5,000 varieties of flowers. It is the largest flower trading market in China. Chencun Flower World is mainly divided into the sales area, high-tech planting area, and supporting service area. 
It is a beautiful flower theme park including boutique courtyard-style buildings, small stone bridges and flowing water. The garden landscape such as blue sky, windmills and the gorgeous sea of flowers, set against each other, forming colorful scenes suitable for photographs.
Chencun Flower World is also a centre for flower production, sales, scientific research and the import and export of flowers. At present, it boasts of over 2,000 large-scaled industrial enterprises and about 300 flower traders and dealers from home and abroad. The forign flower enterprises and big flower dealers from countries and regions such as the Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, South Korea, Australia and the United States.
In October, 2001, Chencun Flower World held “the Fifth China Flower Expo.”, which was regarded as the largest flower event in China at that time. 
A number of new infrastructures are under construction, including the Root Carving Hall, Butterfly Hall, Dried Flower Hall, International Orchid Exchange Center, Korea Flower Village, Flower Art Gallery, Shady Plant and Orchid Center, and Theme Hotels. After the completion of these projects, Chencun Flower World will become more attractive and charming.

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