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Transportation in Dunhuang Travel



Dunhuang Airport


Dunhuang Airport is one of eight civil airports in Gansu, located in Mogao County. Built in 1982, this airport in Dunhuang has a history of more than 20 years. After 1982, Dunhuang airport has been expanded for twice, and the third expansion project has been approved by National Development and Reform Commission. Terminal of Dunhuang airport covers area of 12000 square meters and is a two-floor building. Facilities in this airport are great so that passengers can get help or get what they need in a minute.


At present, there are several cities that have opened air routes to Dunhuang. They are Xian, Lanzhou, Beijing, Chengdu, Urumqi, Shanghai, Dalian, Hangzahou and Nanjing. If you want to go one of the cities mentioned above, you can take flight at this airport.


Distance to city center: 13 km


Transportation to city center:


Airport bus


As a small airport, transportation of Dunhuang Airport is not as convenient as that of Beijing and Shanghai Airports. At present, there are shuttle buses serving passengers at the airport. Passengers can take the shuttle bus for the transportation between Dunhuang airport and downtown of Dunhuang. Now, there are also mini buses serving the transportation between Dunhuang airport and downtown of Dunhuang. The stop of mini bus is 500 meters to west of the airport. If you want to take it in the downtown, you can go to the Silk Road Hotel.



Taxi would be the best choice, if people want to have a more comfortable and convenient transportation between Dunhuang airport and downtown of Dunhuang. It is easy to find taxi in Dunhuang airport and in the downtown of Dunhuang city. A ride from the airport to the downtown area may cost you about 35 Yuan.



Railway Stations


As one of the most important traffic hubs of Northeast China, Dunhuang enjoys convenient transportation. What’s more, Dunhuang is also one of China’s gateways into vast Siberia, Russia and northeast Asia.


Dunhuang Railway Station


Dunhuang Railway Station is located 15 kilometers away from the city center. Trains connecting Dunhuang with Xian, Lanzhou, Yinchuan and Jiayuguan leave from this station. The station is the second largest railway station in Gansu Province ranked after Lanzhou Railway Station, as well as the only one in the province dedicated to tourism use.

Location: Yangguan Main Road, Wudun Village, Mogao Town


Liuyuan Railway Station


Liuyuan Railway Station is situated 128 kilometers northwest of downtown area. There are trains to Beijing, Shanghai, Xian, Chengdu, Lanzhou, Urumqi, etc. There are public buses running between Liuyuan Railway Station and Dunhuang . There are also minibuses and taxies that can take you to downtown area of Dunhuang. If you’d like to take a taxi, it may cost you about 100 Yuan.

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