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Dunhuang Travel Overview

The oasis town of Dunhuang lies at a crucial junction of the Silk Road, that ancient braid of caravan trails stretching for more than 7,000 kilometers from China to the Mediterranean, which served as a highway not just for merchandise, but also for ideas, religious, cultural and artistic. By the 4th century AD, the Silk Road had brought Dunhuang both commercial prosperity and a growing Buddhist community. The name “Dunhuang”, meaning “to flourish and prosper”, indicates its prominence in ancient times.


Dunhuang is well known for its profound history in ancient times, especially its status as the best stop of Silk Road. Now it attracts people from all over the world for breathtaking landscapes, natural beauty and fabulous historical relics.


The Mogao Grottoes, also known as Thousand Buddha Caves, preserve nearly a thousand years of Buddhist cave-temple architecture, clay sculpture, mural paintings, and manuscripts, dating from the 5th to the 14th centuries.


Travelers can venture the Crescent Moon Lake, a natural reservoir surrounded by towering sand dunes. A tough climb to the top of the dune will give you access to splendid views, with the more adventurous having the opportunity to paraglide back down again.


White Horse Pagoda, Yandan National Geologic Park, Singing Sand Dunes and so on also provide wonderful views of Dunhuang.

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