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Dunhuang Food

Dunhuang Niang Pi Zi

It is a local snack with a long history. Made of flour, Niang Pi Zi looks like noodle, but the taste of it is totally different. Dunhuang Niang Pi Zi is highly praised and widely accepted because of its unique making art and flavor. It is elastic and tastes smooth. Mixed with some sauce, vinegar, salt, garlic, sesame oil, cucumber and chili oil, it is really flavorful. While eating it, you can feel cool and your stomach will be fully satisfied. An authentic dish made of Dunhuang Niang Pi Zi features smooth, elastic, spicy, sour and fragrant.


Cold Noodles with Donkey Meat

It is a cold dish and a very famous one among the dishes in Dunhuang city. Noodles used in this dish are made by hand and feature thin, long and elastic. Donkey meat is praised as the top meat in China. It is good for health especially for people who are in a poor physical health. Donkey meat has lots of important nutrition which can help improve the condition of poor physical health. The essence of this dish is the sauce, made of mushroom, diced donkey meat, tofu and other materials. Local people say that the mushroom sauce decides whether this dish will be successful. Travel to Dunhuang, you must have a taste of this noodle dish.


Silk Road Camel Hoof

Silk Road Camel Hoof, which is also known as Jokul Camel Hoof, is one of the most famous dishes in Dunhuang. As we know, camel is the main vehicle in the desert. The camel hoof has high nutrition values. Camel hoof is as rare as the paw of bear. The preparation of Silk Road Camel Hoof is as follows. It requires a camel hoof and a chicken cooked for about eight hours, some brawn steamed for two or three hours, eggs and luncheon meat made as the look of jokul. Meat slices would be put in the corner of the "road" and the brawn slices would be sprinkled on the “road” as footprints of the camel. This famous and precious dish is very delicious.


Quick-frying Hump

Quick frying Hump is a delicacy with a history of more than 1500 years. Cut the camel hump into regular pieces or shred and quick-fry them. Flavor with seasonings, and voila the finished fresh, soft and tasteful Quick-frying Hump. This dish usually uses camels that die naturally or are old and infirm as the ingredient. It is very delicious, and you should expect to pay accordingly. If tourists want to try such dishes, you should choose some famous hotels in Dunhuang.


Yellow Noodle

The Yellow Noodle is a local flavor snack. It has a long history. As early as Song Dynasty, people have known how to make it and the busy scene was depicted in the frescoes of Mogao Grotto. The Dunhuang Yellow Noodles can be as thin as beard, and as long as strings. Usually, the Yellow Noodles are taken with meat, vegetables or soup. It is a good appetizer since it can help to clear grease as well as heat.


Apricot Peel Water

Apricot Peel Water is a kind of brand drink in Dunhuang, taking the Li Guang apricot as its raw material, and is boiled with apricot peel. It is said that it is General Li Guang (a famous general of the Han Dynasty) who planted this kind of apricot in Dunhuang and only in Dunhuang can you find Li Guang apricot. So it is quite unique. And if iced, it will taste more sour and sweet, making you feel extremely cool.

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