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Dunhuang Shopping Tips

What to buy


Craft Camel

As we know, camel is the main conveyance tool on the Silk Road. People love it because of its spirits: that can bear heat and strict cold, hunger and thirst, with great fortitude. Dunhunag folk crafts take cotton as birth, binds the specially made flannel to make into outside of camels which appearance each simple different shapes that can make person love to release. Craft Camel is a memorial product with special features for you. You can buy some craft camels and take them home.


Luminous Cup

Luminous Cup is one of the most famous specialties in Gansu Province. As early as 2,000 years ago, the Luminous Cups were produced in Jiuquan. The self-illuminating cup is made of jade stone from Qilian Mountain. Some of the self-illuminating cups are white with yellow, while others are green. The self-illuminating cup is different from other common cups, which is as thin as a piece of paper. The self-illuminating cup can stand up to high temperatures and fend against the cold. The Luminous cup will illuminate at night. Actually, the cup cannot illuminate, but  it can reflect the moonlight and looks like it is sending out mysterious colors. It is very beautiful.


Dunhuang Carpet

Many tourists are curious about why carpet is recommended as one of top things to buy in Dunhuang. The reason is that the patterns on the carpet are designed on local history and culture, showing the art of China. It is a carpet product that is a carrier of local history and culture. It is an art work and can be used as decoration in your house. Dunhuang carpet is made of wool and bright in color.


Liguang Apricot

Dunhuang Liguang apricot is one of the three famous apricots in Gansu Province. The apricots grow strongly and healthy in oasis of Dunhuang where the climate is quite dry. As a kind of fruit with high nutrition value, Liguang apricots are yellow with thin cortex. The aroma is heavy, the fiber is less, the juice is much and the flavor is fabulous. The apricots can be made into cakes, cold food, candies, cans, apricot sauce, etc.


Where to buy


Shazhou Market

After visiting the places of great interest in Dunhuang, you must go to walk around the Shazhou Market, which is a primary characteristic of Dunhuang. Those above mentioned products are available in the market. Moreover, there are snack stalls, craftworks and the local fruits. For the various kinds of fruits, local people developed preserved fruits products recently. Preserved fruits together with Dunhuang wine will make fine gifts for relatives and friends.

Address: the East Yangguan Road


Dunhuang Shi Luminous Cups Factory (manufacturers of luminous cups)

Address: No.11, Yangguan Road (East)


Dunhuang Shi Carpets Factory (manufacturers of handcrafts of carpets)

Address: No.24 Danghe Road (North)


Dunhuang Painting and Calligraphy Yuan (selling paintings and calligraphies)

Address: No.36, Mingshan Road

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