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Dunhuang Travel Season Tips

Best travel season

Being surrounded by high mountains, Dunhuang belongs to continental climate. It is dry all year round with very little rainfall. The annual average temperature is 9.3 °C, but ranges from 24.7 °C in July to −9.3°C in January. The obvious characters of Dunhuang are arid climate, little rainfall, large evaporation and long sunlight. It has hot summers and cold winters. The fluctuation in temperature between day and night is large, so we suggest you packing thick overcoats in the winter months, and wearing a light top with long sleeves as well as bring a hat in summer. What’s more, enough water is also necessary for you.


The best time to visit Dunhuang is from May to October, and it is also the high season of travelling. During this period, the climate is comfortable and the weather is great. Except October when the average temperature will be 8.6 °C, from May to September, the average temperature of Dunhuang is about 22 °C which is a comfortable temperature for traveling. Besides, from May to October, it is not rainy in Dunhuang.


Spring in Dunhuang is transient with sharp temperature swings. Summer is short and hot, but not sweltering. Autumn witnesses rapid temperature drops from its peak in July. Winter here is long and cold, but not freezing, with relatively little snow and rain.

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