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Yadan National Geologic Park

Why is Yadan National Geologic Park special?

Located on the northwest of Dunhuang, 180 kilometers away from the city, Yadan National Geologic Park is famous for its largest scale of Yadan Landforms, fully developing into the most valuable ornament in the world.


Yadan National Geologic Park Highlights

“Yadan,” which refers to a precipitous hillock in the Uygur language, is a kind of wind-eroded landform.

Yadan landforms rise above the flat Gobi Desert and cover a vast area. Due to its eccentric landforms, the hard-to-spot roads, low-lying terrain, strong magnetism and howling sounds made by the wind, the area is also called "Ghost City" by local people.

Yadan Landform
Yadan landform, or Dunhuang Ghost City, is 85 km from the West Yumen Pass, extending 25 km from east to west and 1-2 km from north to south. The styles of the buildings inside are elegant; here you will find city walls, streets, multi-storied buildings, squares and sculptures. Sand hills are scattered randomly in different shapes in the town.

Dunhuang Devil Town
Dunhuang Dveil Town is divided into southern and northern districts and every scenic spot within this region is genuinely breathtaking. Many tourists say that being in Devil City is like visiting a magnificent museum of architecture.

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