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White Horse Pagoda

Why is White Horse Pagoda special?

Located in White Horse Village, about 1 km (0.62 miles) west of Dunhuang City, the nine-storied White Horse Pagoda with a height of 12 meters is a uniquely shaped spectacular architecture that is a leading site among the tourist attractions in Dunhuang.


White Horse Pagoda Highlights

The structure of White Horse Pagoda
Built in the Qing Dynasty, the White Horse Pagoda, with a typical style of lama pagoda of Ming Dynasty, has been renovated multiple times throughout years.

The nine-storey pagoda is 12 meters high with a diameter of 7 meters. It was made of adobes with a column inside and coated on the outside with mud and lime with every storey’s own feature and charm. The brick foundation is octagonal with a 3-meter wide face each.

Every story of White Horse Pagoda
Every storey has its own characteristic. The 2-4th stories were shaped with overlapping refraction angles. The 1-5th stories were ringed with a line of papilla spikes. The 6th story resembles an upside-down basin, and the 7th, a Buddhist wheel, while the 8th is sex-angular with a wind bell hanging from each angle. The top story is a spire resembling a string of beads.

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