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Dunhuang Travel Overview

The oasis town of Dunhuang lies at a crucial junction of the Silk Road, that ancient braid of caravan trails stretching for more than 7,000 kilometers from China to the Mediterranean, which served as a highway not just for merchandise, but also for ideas, religious, cultural and artistic. By the 4th century AD, the Silk Road had brought Dunhuang both commercial prosperity and a growing Buddhist community. The name “Dunhuang”, meaning “to flourish and prosper”, indicates its prominence in ancient times.

  • How to Arrange Your Dunhuang Trip
    Recommended Attractions a.    Must-go Attractions Mogao Grottoes Crescent Moon Lake & Singing Sand Dunes Yumenguan Pass Yadan National Geologic Park b.    Other Recommends Yangguan Pass Shazhou Market Western Thousand Buddha Caves Leiyin Temple Wh...
  • Dunhuang Travel Season Tips
    Best travel season Being surrounded by high mountains, Dunhuang belongs to continental climate. It is dry all year round with very little rainfall. The annual average temperature is 9.3 °C, but ranges from 24.7 °C in July to −9.3°C in January. Th...
  • Transportation in Dunhuang Travel
    Airport Dunhuang Airport Dunhuang Airport is target="_blank" title="Dunhuang">Dunhuang has a history of more than 20 years. After 1982, Dunhuang airport has been expanded for twice, and the third expansion project has been approved by National D...
  • Dunhuang Food
    Dunhuang Niang Pi Zi It is a local snack with a long history. Made of flour, Niang Pi Zi looks like noodle, but the taste of it is totally different. Dunhuang Niang Pi Zi is highly praised and widely accepted because of its unique making art and fla...
  • Dunhuang Shopping Tips
    What to buy Craft Camel As we know, camel is the main conveyance tool target="_blank" title="Dunhuang">Dunhuang carpet is made of wool and bright in color. Liguang Apricot Dunhuang Liguang apricot is one of the three famous apricots in Gansu Pro...
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