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Chaoyang Park

Chaoyang Park locates in the Chaoyang District of Beijing, which is near to the embassy area and the business center. Built in 1984, it is also known as the Sun Park. Chaoyang Park has an area of 713 acres and the water surface covers an area of 169 acres. Opened in 2004, now Chaoyang Park is the biggest city park within the 4th Ring Road, and it has more than 20 scenic spots including the gardens, lakes, amusement park, beach and shopping center.


Attractions in Chaoyang Park


Ecological Valley in Chaoyang Park is a natural valley between hills, which is featured by a large water area and green space. There are plentiful and various aquatic plants in the park, including meta sequoia trees, willows and other trees.


Binshui Island situates by the Lianhua Lake in the northern part of the park, and it is the home for wild ducks. The island has wooden platforms, pavilions and meadow. Decorated by small sculptures, the island is built based on the ideas of nature, environmental protection and the balance of nature and human. Visitors can also rent bicycles and boats here.


Art Square locates near the west gate, and it is made up of the oval fountain and two rectangular fountains. Interesting art sculptures are scattered across the square, which present the beautiful natural and rural scenery of Vienna.


Resource of Life Scenic Area was built based on the theme of natural life, which combines of woods, water and sports. Over 200 luxury yachts, auto boats and various kinds of small boats flow back and forth on the lake, which seems as millions of stars shining in the sky from the distance.


Bathing Beach locates in the northern part of Chaoyang Park. In 2008, here was the venue for the beach volleyball competition of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games. After the Olympic Games, this area was reconstructed into the bathing beaches with an area of 2.5 hectares. The sands on the beaches are felt very soft and comfortable, because they were specially transported from Hainan Province.


Blue Harbor is also called Solana in the northwest park of Chaoyang park. It is the first lifestyle shopping center in China, which combines shopping, conference, exhibition, catering, and entertainment together.


In addition, there is an amusement area in the southern part of Chaoyang Park, which has 21 large-scale entertainment facilities, including the roller coaster, Pirates, Merry-Go-Round, 4D theater, VR zone, etc.


Cultural Activities in Chaoyang Park


Chaoyang Park holds different cultural activities every year, especially during the Spring Festival, Labor Day, National Holiday and other festivals. The Thailand Cultural Festival, Europe Cultural Exhibition, Cat and Dog Shows, International MPV Exhibition, Pop Music Week and other activities have been successfully held here.

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