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Wangfujing Street

Why Wangfujing Street is special

Wangfujing Street is a famous Beijing Shopping street that is filled with tourists. The Wangfujing street is the best place to shop for Chinese souvenirs and authentic Chinese products. There are over three hundred famous Chinese brand shops.


Wangfujing Street Highlights

Oriental Plaza
As one of the largest multi-purpose commercial complexes in China, Oriental Plaza


Wangfujing Gongmei Emporium
As the excellent dealing art and crafts department store, Gongmei Emporium is known for high quality artwork and handicrafts.


The Beijing Foreign Languages Bookstore

The Beijing Foreign Languages Bookstore is frequented mostly by foreigners and displays a huge collection of English books on Chinese art, economics, history, language, literature and medicine and famous classic Western novels.


Sun Dong An Plaza
The Sun Dong An Plaza is a huge 6-storey building with stunning glass elevators that houses many cafes, designer clothing shops, restaurants and a large department store. Do not miss the famous Mongolian hot pot restaurant inside the Sun Dong An Plaza in Wangfujing.

You can’t miss the famed brand stores in Wangfujing Street:
 Buyingzhai, Neiliansheng, Tongshenghe shoe shops

 Daiyuexuan writing brushes store

 Daoxiangchun and Xiangjugong cake shops

 Jianhua fur garment store

 Jiguge antique store

 Majuyuan and Shengxifu hat stores

 Quanjude roast duck restaurant

 Ruifuxiang silk store

 Tianfuhao eating house

 Wangmazi scissors shop

 Wuyutai and Yuanchanghou tea houses.

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