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Lao She Teahouse

Built in 1988, Lao She Teahouse is located near the Qianmen Street, where is a renewed pedestrian street in downtown Beijing. The tea house is named after Lao She, a noted Chinese novelist and dramatist. You can enjoy the wonderful performances of folk art, meanwhile you can taste famous tea, the imperial dessert and seasonal Beijing snacks in the tea house. 
Lao She Teahouse is decorated with traditional Chinese style; the color is darker while the palace lanterns, mahogany tables, chairs and the stage are with antique beauty. The business area of Lao She Teahouse is 1500 square meters, which could accommodate 250 people for watching the performance. The business area of Dawan Tea Restaurant is 500 square meters, which could accommodate 150 people for dining at the same time. 
In Lao She Teahouse, you could not only enjoy the wonderful performance from celebrities in all circles, such as the folk art and drama, but also can participate in many cultural activities like musical instruments, chess, book, painting and drama. Performances that performed all year round in Lao She Teahouse include Handeng Dagu, single strings, Jingyun Dagu, Meihua Dagu, Xihe Dagu, double-reed, oral stunt, comic dialogue, group allegro, Peking Opera, Chinese shadow puppetry, four seasons tea art, tea art of long nozzle pot, Kung Fu tea art, hand shadow mouth, dance, Chinese Kung Fu, hand shadow oral stunt, magic, acrobatics, face-changing in Sichuan Opera, Dawan musical instrument and folk music.
Lao She Teahouse also organized tea art performance team, which gives performances of various famous teas, such as oolong tea, farm tea, and jasmine tea. In recent years, Lao She Teahouse has set up a "Dawan Tea Restaurant", and employs prestigious chefs from "Jinyang Restaurant" and "Quanjude", two shops of a century’s standing. Lao She Teahouse provides a variety of dishes in Beijing flavor, Shanxi flavor and Shandong Flavor.
Nowadays, Lao She Teahouse is a new popular attraction for visitors and a well-known cultural brand both at home and abroad. 

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