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Beijing Gubei Water Town

Beijing Gubei Water Town, also called Beijing W Town, situates in the Gubeikou Town in Beijing’s Miyun County. The town is surrounded by Yuanyang Reservoir and locates at the foot of Simaitai Great Wall, which is a northern architectural style resort town. It is known as “Wuzhen in Beijing”.

Features of Gubei Water Town

Gubei Water Town was built in 2010 with the investment of four billion yuan. The car ride to Beijing’s city center is about three hours. Inside the town, there are hotels, small boutique hotels and family inns with 1,500 rooms in total. Covering the area of nine square kilometers, the town includes five old villages and one water resource. Meanwhile, it also has a tourist service center with the largest coverage and the most complete facilities in China

The town combines the northern architectural style, the history of late Qing Dynasty (1644-1911) and the Chinese cultures together. Most of the buildings are reconstructed according to the traditional Chinese courtyard style.

Highlights in Gubei Water Town

Gubei Water Town includes two main visiting areas, the Gubei Water Town and the Simatai Great Wall.

Inside the water town, there are simple and graceful houses row by row. Stone-paved old streets and long lanes, shows the charms of the ancient villages in the northern China. With the crossing water network inside the town, the ancient and resident buildings are built along the water. In summer, visitors can try the Wupeng boats on the green waves to feel the unique features of the water town. At night, when the entire town is lit up with glittering lights, which are draped across the buildings and trees, visitors will feel the peace and quietness of the destination.

Visitors here can not only visit the best preserved ancient village, but also experience the local special Chinese folk customs. Visitors can stay in the farmhouse, wander along the prosperous shopping street, taste the local special food and snacks in Northern China, visit Yongshun Dye House, Zhenyuan Escort Agency, Sima Liquor, Eight-Banner Chamber and many other scenic spots inside the town.

Simatai Great Wall is also a must-see site, which is very close to the town. Simatai Great Wall is bordered to the west by Jinshanling Great Wall. The total length of Simatai Great Wall is 5.4 kilometers and with a total number of 35 watchtowers. It is the most dangerous part of the whole Great Wall, which is also a great spot for exploration and inspection.

Visitors can climb up the Great Wall to have the overall views of the whole water town. In the late afternoon, visitors can take the cable car up to the top of Simaitai Great Wall. Along the way, you will appreciate the beauties of the sunset in the evening glow.

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