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798 Art District

Covering an area of 148 acres, 798 Art District locates in the northeast part of Beijing. Being built in 1950s, it was originally the site of several factories, which produced electronics. It gathers many art elements, such as art exhibition spaces, galleries, design studios, fashion shops, artists' studios, fashion restaurants, etc. At present, it has become an modern art exhibition center, and also the famous cultural and creative industries centralized area in the world.

History of Development


798 Art Zone was once the site for Beijing North China wireless Joint Equipment Factory, which is also called 718 Joint Factory. It was designed and built by the experts of former G.D.R in the 1950s. The joint factory began the construction work in 1954, and in October 1957, it was put into production.

In April, 1964, the 718 Joint Factory was divided into several parts, and the separate 700, 706, 707, 718, 797, and 798 factories were built. Then, in order to respond to the reforming plan of the area, the factories vacated some useless areas for renting. 798 factory has the unique Bauhaus architecture style, with orderly plan. Many art organizations and artists were attracted by this different factory, and they came to rent the vacant area, and transform them.

Today's 798

Starting from 2002, many artists and organizations came to 798 factory and divided and rented out the factory spaces. Progressively, the 798 factory is developed it into galleries, artists' studios, art design companies, music stores, or fashion restaurants. These new galleries locates in the original place of 798 Factory, so in this way, this place was named as Beijing 798 Art District.

In 2006, Beijing 798 Art District was listed as one of the first concentrations of cultural creative industry by Beijing Civic and Chaoyang District Government. Zhongguancun Management Committee also endowed the district as "Beijing 798 Art Zone Cultural Creative Industrial Base of Zhongguancun Electronic City".

Every year since 2006, in September, 798 Art District will hold the “798 Art Festival”. The festival gathers experts from art and culture fields together, to help to strengthen the artistic position of the 798 Art District. In addition, through various activities and exhibitions, visitors can understand the creative achievements of Chinese modern art. The festival will also help increase more domestic and international cultural exchange opportunities and business opportunities for cultural and creative industries.

In the future, 798 Art District will attract more and more famous artists and art organizations from domestic and abroad. Based on the instruction policy of "Creative Zone, Cultural Park", 798 Art Zone will become the important trade center, art exhibition center, and culture communication center.


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