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Beijing Travel Season Tips

Weather in Beijing is mild with four distinct seasons. Summer is hot and humid with strong sunshine while winter is cold and dry. Spring (April - May) and autumn (September - October) are the best seasons for travelling.


Spring comes in April when flowers bloom. Mostly the weather of spring is windy but comfortable. Sometimes sandstorm occurs in Beijing.


Summer runs from June to August. Summer in Beijing is hot, especially around noon. If you come in summer, then sunglasses and sun screen are highly recommended.


Autumn (September to November) can be the most beautiful and pleasant season in Beijing. The weather is cool and comfortable. Leaves of some trees turn red while some are still bright green, quite beautiful.


Winter from December to February is cold and dry with occasional snow. Winter in Beijing doesn’t feature beautiful landscape but the profound Chinese culture. Walk along a lively Spring Festival Fair, see the Spring Festival or have a try of hot and delicious instant-boiled mutton can be extraordinary enjoyable.  

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