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Sanlitun, located in Chaoyang District, is one of the most popular and prosperous regions in Beijing. In 1960s, many embassies started to be built here. As people from all countries gathered in Sanlitun, it was developed rapidly and soon became a gathering place for nearly all foreigners at that time. Nearby is the Beijing workers’ stadium. Being the home stadium for Beijing Guoan—city’s soccer team, it also hosts many concerts and ceremonies.


Origin of Its Name


The name Sanlitun is well-known for everyone, while very few know what it really means. To understand this name, we need to know that “San” means three and “li”, being a word for measurement, approximately equals to 500 meters. “Tun” is just a word for village, and combining them, Sanlitun was named because it is a village three “li” away from the inner city of old Beijing.


Heaven of Fashion


In the southern area, a huge shopping district named TaiKoo Li attracts a staggering volumn of people to go there. It covers an area of 170,000 square meters and has the largest Adidas and UNIQLO store. In 2008, the first Apple Retailer Store in China was opened there. As one of the largest business areas in Beijing, many celebrities have been there for many times. So just go there, and you may run into one of them at any time.


Bar Street


Sanlitun is famous for its night. If you have to choose one time to go there, no doubt it would be at night. When evening comes, all the bars become alive. People with tiredness of a whole day relax here. There are more than 80 bars in the bar Street, and bars in Sanlitun area take up around 60 percent of all bars in Beijing. Many bars usually have singers or bands performing inside, and sometimes, it may surprise you. Young people with their music dreams often start up as singers in bars, and there is no lack of ones who end up succeed.

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