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Acrobatics at Chaoyang Theatre

Founded in 1984, Chaoyang Theatre Acrobatics Show is a popular show that highlights famous Chinese acrobatic skills. It was awarded by Beijing Municipal Government as Standard Venue for Tourism Performance in 1986, as well as National Cultural Enterprise Model by the Ministry of Culture of China in 2001. Its twenty-year dedication to characteristic management made the slogan “Appreciating acrobatics at Chaoyang” be renowned at home and abroad.   
Acrobatics, also known as variety tricks, is a combination of jujitsu, driving skills, ventriloquism, pagoda of bowls, tightrope walking, juggling, lion dance and other acrobatic skills. Modern acrobatics refers to entertainment show that the performers rely on their own body skills to execute a series of extraordinary feats. 
Pagoda of bowls
Pagoda of bowls is a Chinese traditional acrobatic program. With a pile of porcelain bowls lying on the performer's head, performers have to show difficult movements like splits, standing on one leg and handstand. Since 1950s, elements such as bowls exchanging between two and four performers, the employment of high ladders and display of soft waist skills have been added to acrobatics. Hardest moves have been created, including picking bowls with the top of foot in handstand position, pedaling bowls in single-armed handstand position, position changing from lifting bowls with foot to returning bowls with single-armed handstand, bowls lifting by foot like a black dragon coiling round a column, lifting bowls with single leg, quick single-handed lifting, lifting bowls with both head and foot in simultaneous rolling.
Shoulder Ballet 
The actress dances on the actor's back, shoulders, palms and head with the elegant music. The highlight of shoulder ballet is the moment when the “swan” is tiptoeing on the prince’s head. 
With a nice blend of western ballet and Chinese traditional acrobatics, the performer is instilled with thrilling adventure, while the latter interprets romantic elegance, delivering a refreshing visual impact. The fascinating combination is best represented in the awe-inspiring, jaw-dropping movements like 180- degree turning around on shoulders with single foot, single-foot standing in arabesque position, single-foot standing and kicking, etc. 
Circular Motorcycle Racing
Circular Motorcycle Racing is a fantasy stunt achieved by bringing no-retrofitting motorcycle onto stage. After an iron ball with 6.5 meters in diameter or just 4.5 meters installed, 2 to 8 motorcycles cross the ball at the speed of 80 km per hour. The technically demanding performance features 90 ° flight, 360 ° rotation, minimum spacing of 50cm and time lapse no longer than 0.01s, delivering a truly eye-popping and heart-thumping visual feast.

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