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Lama Temple

Why the Lama Temple is special

The Lama Temple in Beijing is one of the largest and best preserved lamaseries in the world outside of Tibet. The building complex covers a large area - it stretches back almost 500 meters (1600 feet) from the front gate.


The Lama Temple has five major halls, each fronted by its own courtyard bustling with activity. Architecturally, the halls enjoy traditional styling imbued with bright hued structural details and elaborately upturned eaves.


Lama Temple Highlights

The most striking element of the Lama Temple is the 23 meter (75 foot) high statue of the standing Buddha. It resides in the rear and tallest hall - and was carved from the trunk of a single sandalwood tree.


Another hall is home to three large bronze statues of the seated Buddha. They depict Buddha in his three classic states: past, present and future.


Active lamasery: You experience a working lamasery, not a museum ambience. The daily scene is infused with dozens of monks and hundreds of devotees praying and burning incense sticks.


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