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Bell Tower & Drum Tower

Why the Bell Tower& Drum Tower are special

The huge, 42 ton, bronze bell at the top of the Bell Tower is 3.94 inches thick with over 500 years history. Legend comes that the bell-maker’s daughter threw herself into the molten metal to ensure the successful casting of the bell after a number of failures.


The Bell Tower& Drum Tower Highlight

A close scrutiny reveals that bells and drums were popular musical instruments in ancient China but later they were used as watches to tell time. The bell was rung to mark the time during the night in Beijing to avoid waking the capital's citizens while the drum was used to wake people up at 5am - the designated time to rise.


From the top of the Bell Tower of the Drum Tower, there are good views over the neighborhood Hutong rooftops, the skyscrapers of downtown Beijing are also clearly visible. Besides, the square between the Drum and Bell Towers - Zhonggulou - is a pleasant and lively place for strolling at night.


Nearby Sights: Beihai Park, Shichahai area, Guozijian, Confucius Temple

Entrance fee: RMB 20 for Drum Tower and RMB 15 for Bell Tower

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