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Beijing Attractions

  • Qianmen Street

    Qianmen Street

    Qianmen Street is famous commercial street, spanning 845 meters, running north to south along Beijing's central axis. Qianmen Street locates in the south of Tian'anmen Square. It has witnessed the rise of modern China. The traditional commercial street today retains its ancient charms housing bouti... Read more>>
  • Guardian Art Center

    Guardian Art Center

    Why is Guardian Art Center so special? Located at No.1 Wangfujing Street, Guardian Art Center neighbors the Forbidden City and commenced operation in October 2017. The 56,000-square meters space incorporates functions such as art fair & exhibition, auction, education, bookstore and hotel. The bui... Read more>>
  • Chaoyang Park

    Chaoyang Park

    Chaoyang Park locates in the Chaoyang District of Beijing, which is near to the embassy area and the business center. Built in 1984, it is also known as the Sun Park. Chaoyang Park has an area of 713 acres and the water surface covers an area of 169 acres. Opened in 2004, now Chaoyang Park is the b... Read more>>
  • Capital Museum

    Capital Museum

    Capital Museum locates at the west extension of Chang'an Avenue, in Xicheng District of Beijing. Opening in October, 1981, Capital Museum covers an area of 24,832 square meters, and has five floors above ground and two floors underground. With splendid architectures, various exhibitions, advanced t... Read more>>
  • Shichahai


    Shichahai locates in the northwest part of Beijing, which covers a large area of 146.7 hectares. Shichahai is a famous visiting area in Beijing and includes three lakes: Qianhai (Front Sea), Houhai (Back Sea), and Xihai (Western Sea). There are many historical sites, traditional Chinese residences,... Read more>>
  • Fragrant Hills Park

    Fragrant Hills Park

    Fragrant Hills Park also called Xiangshan Park, locates in the east part of Western Hills in northwest of Beijing City. Fragrant Hills Park covers 400 acres. It consists of a natural pine-cypress forest, maple trees and persimmon trees forests. Both its natural scenery and cultural relics are abund... Read more>>
  • 798 Art District

    798 Art District

    Covering an area of 148 acres, 798 Art District locates in the northeast part of Beijing. Being built in 1950s, it was originally the site of several factories, which produced electronics. It gathers many art elements, such as art exhibition spaces, galleries, design studios, fashion shops, artists... Read more>>
  • Qianmen Dashilar Street

    Qianmen Dashilar Street

    Qianmen Dashilar Street is Beijing’s oldest, and famous commercial street. Dashilar Street locates in the Qianmen area, which is in the south of Tian’anmen Square. This historical street retains the traditional appearance of the ancient Chinese buildings. Now, Dashilar Street is famous for the an... Read more>>
  • Beijing Gubei Water Town

    Beijing Gubei Water Town

    Beijing Gubei Water Town, also called Beijing W Town, situates in the Gubeikou Town in Beijing’s Miyun County. The town is surrounded by Yuanyang Reservoir and locates at the foot of Simaitai Great Wall, which is a northern architectural style resort town. It is known as “Wuzhen in Beijing”. Fe... Read more>>
  • Sanlitun


    Sanlitun, located in Chaoyang District, is one of the most popular and prosperous regions in Beijing. In 1960s, many embassies started to be built here. As people from all countries gathered in Sanlitun, it was developed rapidly and soon became a gathering place for nearly all foreigners at that ti... Read more>>
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